A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Summary of Part 9 (Chapters 33 - 37)

Henry jumps off of the train in Milan, where he visits the Italian porter he befriended during his stay at the hospital. The porter tells him that Catherine left with Miss Ferguson to Stresa. After leaving the porter, Henry visits Simmons, an opera singer and old friend, who gives him some civilian clothes. Having changed, Henry boards the train for Stresa.

He meets up with Catherine at a hotel in Stresa, and they spend a few days together, though Henry must remain in the hotel for the most part to avoid being seen. One night, though, the hotel barman comes up to their room to warn Henry he's discovered that Italian officers are planning to arrest him the next morning. Henry and Catherine quickly pack and Emelio, the barman, lends them a boat they can take to Switzerland.

The pair head out into a windswept, drizzling night, and arrive tired at a customs town in Switzerland just before dawn. They are arrested after breakfast, but have the necessary passports and are sent to Locarno to get visas. Henry explains to the officials that they are there to "do the winter sport." The officials clearly do not believe the story, but allow them to stay because both Henry and Catherine have money which they will presumably spend.