A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Summary of Part 10 (Chapters 38 - 41)

The first half of Book Five finds Henry and Catherine in the mountains of Switzerland during the winter, enjoying the serenity of domestic life. The people in the surrounding villages are cheerful, and to Henry the raging war is distant. The only obstacle in their lives is Catherine's pregnancy, for there is a bit of trepidation over what to do with the child: "She won't come between us, will she?" asks Catherine.

Nevertheless, when spring comes the couple move into a nearby town where there is a hospital, and after a few weeks the pains begin to come. At the hospital, Catherine is in labor for hours. At first she rides the pains bravely, but soon demands gas. Still, though, the baby does not come. After a while, the gas ceases to work and the doctor declares that he must perform a Caesarian on Catherine.

The baby turns out to be dead, strangled by its cord. Catherine dies soon after the operation: "She had one hemorrhage after another. They couldn't stop it." Alone, Henry walks through the rain back to the hotel.