The Catcher in the Rye Phoebe, Mr. Antolini, DB Caulfield
by J.D. Salinger


Holden's younger sister, Phoebe serves both as a representation of the virtues of childhood (honesty, openness) as well as an advisor to him.

Mr. Antolini

A former English teacher of Holden's and possible homosexual, Mr. Antolini serves, alongside Phoebe, as an advisor to Holden. It is his wisdom which guides Holden to a more realistic goal (that of fighting falseness rather than the end of childhood) in the end.

D.B. Caulfield

Holden's older brother, D.B. can be seen as an adult corrupted by society. A talented writer, D.B. was seduced by the wealth of Hollywood into writing cheap and corny screenplays.

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