Beloved Analysis of Part 6 (Chapters 13 - 15)
by Toni Morrison

First with respect to Paul D, and then with Baby Suggs, Morrison questions the value of freedom. Freedom, to Paul D, is his manhood. It is being respected-being listened to by Mr. Garner. He is ashamed at the way Beloved moves him around, and thus cannot tell Sethe. To Baby Suggs, freedom is life. It is knowing a beating heart for the first time. Morrison makes it clear that slavery, even devoid of whips and hunger, still denies what is essential to life.

The description of Beloved's fragmentation reflects her dependence on Sethe. She exists only as long as the past exists for Sethe and the relationship between Sethe and Paul D promises closure of the past and also a future, which Beloved cannot allow. On another level, Beloved's need for Sethe reflects her instability as a child who does not wish to be separated from her mother.

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