Beloved Summary of Part 6 (Chapters 13 - 15)
by Toni Morrison

Paul D, concerned about Beloved's control over him, is determined to enlist Sethe's aid against her. However, all he manages to say to her is "I want you pregnant, Sethe." In a way, this does save him from Beloved's spell because Sethe requests that he stop moving around and sleep with her. However, Sethe has decided that she does not want any more children.

Meanwhile, Beloved is upset at Sethe's choice to sleep with Paul D. Her uneasiness manifests itself in the kitchen, where she manages to pull out one of her wisdom teeth, noting that "it is difficult keeping her head on her neck, her legs attached to her hips when she is by herself."

Chapter 15 is a narrative of past events, beginning with Baby Sugg's introduction as a slave to Sweet Home. After ten years there, Halle bought her freedom and she moved to 124, where she set up the waystation and began preaching about love to whomever would listen. Years later, Howard, Buglar, and their sister (Beloved) showed up, then finally Sethe with Denver. Twenty days after Sethe's arrival, Baby Suggs hosted a party never before seen, and amidst the laughter of 90 Negroes was the scent of disapproval, because "she had given too much, offended them by excess."

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