Death of a Salesman Analysis of Chunk 6
by Arthur Miller

At the beginning of this chunk, Hap's character is further revealed as he tries to hit on a woman in the restaurant through the lies he tells her.

The most important part of this chunk is the flashback where Biff finds Willy with the woman. Up to that point in his life, Biff always believed that his father was beyond reproach. Biff placed him on a pedestal and had worshiped him. The knowledge of his father's unfaithfulness shatters this ideal that Biff has held for so long. It this event that sparks the turmoil Biff suffers for the next fifteen years.

As Willy leaves the restaurant, he tries to give all of his money to a waiter, saying, "Here's some more, I don't need it anymore… is there a seed store in the neighborhood?" Willy has decided to commit suicide and leave the insurance money for Biff so he can start a business and be a success. "I've got to get some seeds, right away. Nothing's planted. I don't have a thing in the ground." Willy has an urgent need to leave something behind, and the seeds act as a metaphorical representation of this.

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