Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Important quotes

The following quotes are not explained here, though most of their meanings are fairly evident. The speaker of the quote is also identified here. All quotes deal with theme or symbolism.

Quote Speaker
"Pop, I'm a dime a dozen and so are you." Biff
"You can't eat the orange and throw the peel away. A man is not a piece of fruit." Willy
"To suffer fifty weeks a year for the sake of a two-week vacation." Biff
"When I was seventeen, I walked into the jungle. And by twenty-one, I walked out. And by God, i was rich!" Uncle Ben
"When a deposit bottle is broken, you don't get your nickle back." Charlie
"He died the death of a salesman, in his green velvet slippers..." Willy
"After all the highways, and the trains, and the years, you end up worth more dead than alive." Willy
"We never told the truth in the house for ten minutes." Biff
"I looked up and I saw they sky ... and I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been." Biff
"He had the wrong dreams. All, all wrong." Biff
"My own apartment, a car, and plenty of women, and still, goddamit, I'm lonely." Happy