Lord of the Flies Chapter 9 Summary
by William Golding

A View to a Death

The storm keeps boiling over the island, possibly representing the turmoil that is occurring below it. Simon regains consciousness and heads for the mountain. He sees the rotting airman and realizes the Beast is "harmless and horrible," which, in reality is true. If the boys choose to suppress the Beast it is harmless, or they can let it run rampant. Simon makes his way to the beach to tell the other boys.

Piggy and Ralph have decided to go to the pig roast, just to see what is going to happen. All of the other boys are already there, except Simon, and they fall silent as the two outcasts approached. They are both given portions of meat as Jack begins a speech. He asks who will join his tribe. Ralph interrupts -- trying to persuade the boys to help him keep the fire going. The crowd of boys instead agree to join Jack, who promises to give them meat and keep them safe from the Beast.

The storm breaks and the rain comes down with lightning and thunder. Ralph is asking them what they're going to do without shelters and Jack orders them to begin the dance. As they chant around Roger, who is playing the pig, Piggy and Ralph "...found themselves eager to take place in this demented but partly secure society." The boys in the dance are armed with clubs and spits and are getting out of hand again with this game.

A figure is crawling out of the forest and the ring opens to let it inside. Mistaken as the Beast by the Jack's tribe, Simon is beaten to death. The group disbands for shelter from the storm. On top of the mountain wind fills the parachute of the airman and lifts him away from the island. As the storm subsides and the tide moves in and out, Simon's body is washed to sea.

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