Lord of the Flies Chapter 10 Summary
by William Golding

The Shell and the Glasses

It is the next morning and the only boys still in Ralph's confidence are Piggy and Samneric. The twins are in the forest collecting firewood while Ralph and Piggy discuss Simon's murder and what they are going to do next. Piggy tries to make excuses for the boys by claiming it was an accident, but Ralph doesn't buy into that.

On Castle Rock Jack (now continually painted) has created a fortification that is constantly guarded. If, for whatever reason they need to defend themselves, Roger has placed a lever underneath a large boulder that will send it smashing onto the rock bridge that conects the fort to the mainland. Jack has begun to rule by force and the kids who are out of line are tied up and beaten. He decides the tribe will hunt again tomorrow. Although some of them realize they have killed Simon it is sensed that they are trying to it cover up by convincing themselves they really just hurt the disguised beast.

Back at the lagoon Ralph and the rest are agonizing over trying to keep the fire going. Again, Ralph must constantly be reminded by Piggy that the fire is "Something overwhelmingly good." Ralph tells the protesting twins that "Anyone can play at hunting, anyone can get us meat"; anyone can buy into the irresponsible and harmful desires within them, but it is not easy to hold them at bay. They decide to leave the fire unlit for the night, and retire to the rickety shelters.

During the night they awake to noises outside and they are afraid the Beast has come for them, but is only Jack and his tribe searching to steal fire. Not finding a lit fire they charge into the shelter and in the violent fight that ensues, Piggy's specs are stolen. They have now been stripped of the ability to make fire and the only symbol of society and order that is left to them is the conch.

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