The Great Gatsby Analysis of Chapter 2
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Near the garage where Wilson and Myrtle live is an abandoned advertising billboard that is another important piece of symbolism. It is an ad for T.J. Eckleburg, an eye doctor. The ad consists of the gigantic eyes of the doctor staring out at the road. The meaning of this symbol is that of judgment, and accountability, further discussed in the symbolism section. The eyes are located at the place where Tom goes to meet his mistress without guilt. The garage also ends up being an important location in later chapters and the eyes will take on a greater meaning in light of those later events.

When Myrtle goes out with Tom and Nick she spends money on many silly things, including a new puppy. She takes full advantage of Tom's money. It is ironic that since she has his money to spend, she becomes very arrogant towards the less well-off, even though she and her husband have very little money themselves. As a character, her actions are commentary on wealth and class. Her attitude exemplifies what money can do to a person. Also, Tom's senseless attack on Myrtle goes back to the issue of consequence. Tom need not worry about any reaction to what he does, so he has no fear.

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