The Great Gatsby Analysis of Chapter 5
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The reason Gatsby wants Daisy to come to Nick's house is because he wants her to see his house. After all the money he has spent on it, he wants her to see it. Her opinion is really the only one that matters. This is why he also wants to get Nick's lawn mowed and has flowers delivered to Nick's house for the tea. Gatsby has created an image in his mind about how he would like the afternoon to go, and he does all in his power to achieve it. We learn more about Gatsby's nature to fantasize in the next chapter.

Again we are posed with the problem that the narrator presents. Because the story is told through Nick's eyes we have no idea what is said between Gatsby and Daisy during the half hour that he leaves them alone. The only impression we get is the one that Nick gives us, and that is not necessarily reliable.

When the trio are going through Gatsby's house, he points out to Daisy that you can see her house across the bay. "You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock". The green light is symbolic of Gatsby's longing for Daisy, and for his longing in general. Gatsby, although wanting Daisy, wants her as part of his whole world. A world of wealth and success. The green light represents to Gatsby all that is off in the distance that he wants to posses. Daisy is only part of that.

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