Fahrenheit 451 Chapter 2, Part 2 (pages 84-106) Summary
by Ray Bradbury

The Sieve and the Sand

When Faber (accurately) predicts the end of society and suggests they not get involved, Montag insists they should make preparations to rebuild when the time comes. When Faber remains reluctant, Montag tears pages out of the Bible and threatens to destroy it. Faber finally gives in, saying he will meet with an unemployed printer to begin producing copies of the few books they possess. Montag asks Faber for help, and the professor reveals he has constructed a tiny, two-way radio Montag can fit in his ear. Later, while obtaining money to pay the printer, Montag discusses faith with Faber (via the ear-radio). After the discussion, Faber reads the Book of Job to Montag.

This section introduces Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles, Mildred's friends. The reader learns they are as vapid as Mildred, Mrs. Phelps has married multiple times, and Mrs. Bowles has an antagonistic relationship with her children. Montag shuts off the parlor walls while his guests are watching, and when he can no longer stand the conversation, he reads part of a poem called Dover Beach to them from a book of poetry (much to Faber's dismay). The poem causes Mrs. Phelps great distress, and Montag soon finds himself alone. He hides his books outside in the bushes.

At the firehouse, Montag turns a book into Beatty, who quotes Shakespeare to him. Beatty confronts Montag, attempting to overwhelm him with quotes in order to demonstrate " 'what traitors books can be' " (104). After Beatty has had his say, the alarm bell rings, and Beatty drives them to the next assignment: Montag's home.

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