Fahrenheit 451 Mildred Montag
by Ray Bradbury

Mildred Montag is the wife of Guy Montag. Mildred represents the majority of the population. She is constantly watching her parlor walls and interacting with them as if they were real people. When she's not watching her "family", she's listening to tiny radios clamped in her ears. She is so overwhelmed by these media that her "family" becomes more important to her than actual people (for example, she forgets for days to tell Montag Clarisse was hit by a car.) She doesn't really love Montag, and eventually betrays him, showing only concern for her virtual "family" when she does. She is so depressed from this lack of a quality interior life that she almost kills herself with sleeping pills without even realizing it. It is through her behavior that Bradbury shows how ignorant/unaware the populace has become.

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