To Kill A Mockingbird Summary of Chapter 28
by Harper Lee

Jem and Scout walk to the school, carrying Scout's bulky ham costume. Someone follows them in the dark field, who turns out to be a friend of theirs hoping to scare them.

After the pageant, they head home, Scout staying in her cumbersome costume. They hear footsteps following them, but believe it to be the same friend trying to scare them. They become less certain the situation is harmless and begin to run. Scout runs right into an unidentified person in the dark field. There is a scuffle, but Scout cannot tell what is happening. She runs to the street and sees a man carrying Jem in his arms to their house. She arrives home and finds that a doctor has been called for Jem. Aunt Alex helps Scout out of her costume. The doctor examines Jem. He has a broken arm and is well, but unconscious. The man who saved Jem is in the house, but Scout doesn't know who he is. Heck Tate comes in and says that Bob Ewell is dead under the tree in the field from a knife wound.

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