To Kill A Mockingbird Dill
by Harper Lee

The seasonal friend of Jem and Scout. Like Jem, Dill is coming to terms with what is going on around him. The trial is too much for him to bear. He is young, and cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of the trial, but he can sense that something is wrong. That is why during Tom's testimony he and Scout have to leave. He is sensitive enough to understand that Tom is being mistreated.

Dill comes to Maycomb to stay with his Aunt. He has been dumped by his parents who don't seem to want to be bothered with his presence. This is why he so often lies and tells tall tales. He is looking for attention from the people around him to make up for what he doesn't receive from his family. This parental absence is also why he clings to the Finch family and he runs away to see them. The Finches are close and loving, something that includes Dill and something that he needs. When his own life is lonely and uncertain, the Finches are a rock that he can rely on.

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