1984 Section Three, Part VI Summary (pp. 287-298)
by George Orwell

The final section of the novel opens at the Chestnut Tree, where Winston sits having his drink continually refilled by the waiter. Winston is greatly troubled by the news from the telescreen concerning the war with Eurasia. The reader learns Winston is employed in a job, but has no real responsibilities anymore. His mind wanders and he traces "2+2=5" (290) in the dust on the table.

The reader learns that Winston has since seen Julia and they both admitted to betraying the other one. Neither remembers any love for the other. During this recollection, the music on the telescreen changes to the very music Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford used to listen to at the café.

Winston's wandering mind turns to a pleasant memory of his mother and sister, when the three of them played a game of Snakes and Ladders. The memory is interrupted by news blasting from the telescreen: Oceania has won a decisive victory against Eurasia. Winston has a daydream of confessing all his crimes before being shot in the head. He cries with relief at winning the struggle with himself and finally coming to truly love Big Brother.

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