1984 Section Two, Part I Analysis (pp. 105-117)
by George Orwell

This section is fairly straightforward; it doesn't contain the same level of symbolism and motif the other sections do, however, there are some notable aspects.

Winston's emotions concerning Julia shift quickly from hatred to desire. This is a human enough reaction, and one Orwell depicts when describing the Two Minutes Hate, in which a whole group of people is manipulated to feel those two emotions nearly simultaneously. Also, the pains Winston and Julia take to arrange a meeting where they can speak and act openly demonstrate not only how dangerous their tryst is, but how incredibly oppressed they are by their government. This idea is underscored at the end of the section when Winston is holding hands with Julia while looking into the eyes of prisoners captured by the Party. This is important because Winston will become a prisoner of the Party (as will Julia) because of the tryst.

Though not relevant to the summary, on pages 109 and 110 Orwell likens Chess to trying to avoid detection of "criminal" activity by the Party.

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