1984 Section Two, Part VIII Summary (pp. 167-179)
by George Orwell

Winston arrives at O'Brien's residence with Julia, and both are intent on joining the Brotherhood. They are met by O'Brien's servant and shown in. Winston experiences a moment of terrifying doubt even after, to his great surprise, O'Brien switches off the telescreen in the room. Winston is the first to speak of rebellion. O'Brien invites his servant to join the conversation before proposing a toast to their leader: Emmanuel Goldstein. O'Brien then confirms to Winston and Julia the Brotherhood does exist.

O'Brien proceeds to ask them if they are willing to give their lives, commit murder and betrayal, spread disease, and perform other terrible acts. Winston and Julia answer "yes" to everything except never seeing each other again. O'Brien warns Julia that Winston may have to change his personality and physical appearance. He tells the pair they will receive a book that explains "the true nature of the society [they] live in and the strategy by which [they] shall destroy it" (174). O'Brien informs them their capture and confession is inevitable. Winston has the feeling that O'Brien is invincible.

O'Brien continues to describe the Brotherhood, and even uses Winston's words, "We are the dead" (176). In fact, a great deal of what O'Brien says has been said already by Winston.

Julia leaves, and O'Brien explains to Winston how he will receive Goldstein's book. Before they part, Winston mentions "the place where there is no darkness" (178) and O'Brien seems to understand his allusion. O'Brien also completes the church rhyme Winston has been trying to learn since he first heard it from Mr. Charrington.

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