1984 Section Two, Part II Summary (pp. 117-126)
by George Orwell

Winston follows the route detailed by Julia. He arrives early and picks bluebells for Julia. She arrives and quietly signals him to follow, indicating they are still not safe. Julia leads Winston to a clearing and finally addresses him. She is openly derisive of the Party, referring to them as "swine" (119). She indicates having come to the clearing in the past.

They kiss, but Winston is so incredulous about what is happening (and out of practice with women) that he is not ready to copulate with her right away, despite her willingness. After they kiss, he learns her name; she already knows his. Julia asks him how he felt about her before they met, and Winston tells her the truth: he thought about smashing her head with a cobblestone.

Julia laughs, discards her scarlet sash, and splits some black market chocolate with him. The taste brings up some troubling sensation Winston cannot identify. Winston asks her why she finds him attractive, and she says she could tell he is against the Party. Julia is especially hateful of the Inner Party, the ruling class of Oceania.

While walking around with Julia, Winston realizes the landscape is the same one from his dream. The pair listens to a singing thrush, and Winston wonders whether there is a hidden microphone nearby. Winston soon forgets his concerns about a hidden microphone as he listens to the singing thrush.

Winston relaxes at last and tells Julia he's ready to make love to her. Julia undresses and Winston is uplifted to learn she has done this scores of times and always with Party members because "anything that hinted at corruption always filled [Winston] with a wild hope" (125). Winston feels he would infect the whole Party with disease to weaken it if he could. The two of them make love, and Winston feels by doing so he has struck a rebellious blow against the Party.

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