1984 Section Two, Part V Analysis (pp. 147-156)
by George Orwell

Syme's disappearance at the beginning of this section is important for two reasons. For one, it is foreshadowing that Winston and Julia will soon also be captured. Second, it is another example of the motif of Winston's predictions coming true.

As Hate Week approaches, patriotism increases, as do rocket bomb attacks. This, coupled with Julia's suggestion the Party is responsible for the attacks, demonstrates the Party is most likely behind the attacks, using them to drive up patriotism. These passages have chilling implications when juxtaposed with modern circumstances.

As Winston stops suppressing his natural urges, he becomes healthier. Remember that his varicose ulcer is a representation of his emotional health—and Orwell mentions the ulcer specifically, saying it clears up. Orwell also links the room directly to the past (see Important Quotes). The Thought Police rented the room to Winston and are essentially baiting him, which might lead one to infer that the Party truly does control the past. The differences between what Winston perceives as real and what Julia does serve to highlight the different effects of propaganda on different people. Though both Julia and Winston can somewhat see through the lies, they are still severely affected by them. The discussion of their varying ideas also suggests something about the nature of reality and a person's perception of it.

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