1984 Section Two, Part V Summary (pp. 147-156)
by George Orwell

This section begins with the disappearance of Syme, the Newspeak linguist. The town has a "curiously febrile air" (148) as preparations for Hate Week continue. Even the "proles", who are normally unconcerned with the war are "lashed into one of their periodical frenzies of patriotism" (149). Rocket bombs kill more people than usual. Rumors of spies cause the suffocating death of an old couple.

Winston is making love regularly to Julia, and is becoming healthier because of it. Even his varicose ulcer subsides. Also, his suicidal impulses, like making faces at the telescreen, subside somewhat. Winston continues to consider the paperweight, even viewing it as a symbol of permanence or sanctuary. Winston and Julia engage in all manner of fantasies about their future, including active rebellion, but both know they are doomed. They are reduced by their circumstances to just surviving as long as possible. Julia continues to affirm that the Party is invincible. Julia even suggests there is no war occurring, and the rocket bomb attacks are perpetrated by the Party. Winston notices disturbing discrepancies in their understanding of reality.

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