1984 Section Two, Part IV Summary (pp. 136-147)
by George Orwell

Part IV begins in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop, which Winston has rented. Here Winston sees the red-armed, singing "prole" woman. Despite increased workloads due to Hate Week, Winston and Julia arrange a meeting at the rented room. Winston's feelings for her at this point are much greater than they initially were. Julia arrives with Inner Party treats like real coffee and real sugar. Julia applies make-up and puts on perfume—two things Party women are tacitly forbidden to do. Julia wears the same scent as the toothless prostitute Winston wrote about in his journal.

After making love, Julia sees a rat, which terrifies Winston. Julia makes coffee and they discuss the paperweight and picture on the wall. The section ends with the two remembering the rhyme about the churches and Winston comparing his life with Julia in the room to the piece of coral in the paperweight.

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