1984 Section Two, Part VII Analysis (pp. 159-167)
by George Orwell

By having Winston's dream, which is of the past, take place inside the paperweight, Orwell reinforces the paperweight's symbolism of the past. The dream involves Winston's memories of his mother and gives the reader insight as to why the chocolate Julia obtained aroused such disturbing feelings within him. Contemplation of his dream (and the film he watched) leads Winston to realize how the tactics of the Party cause dehumanization. He also realizes the true strength of the "proles" is that they are not subject to these tactics and thus retain their humanity.

Winston and Julia's discussion of betrayal and retention of beliefs foreshadows the ending of the novel, but they are both wrong. The Party can change Winston and Julia believe, and thus force them to betray each other in the manner discussed. The idea the human spirit with all its noble intent can, in fact, be broken is perhaps the most tragic aspect of this novel.

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