1984 Section Two, Part X Summary (pp. 218-224)
by George Orwell

Winston awakes to the singing of the "prole" woman. While looking at her, Winston realizes her beauty. Winston again feels hope for the future lies in the "proles". Just as he is feeling most hopeful, a voice from the hidden telescreen says, "You are the dead" (221). Winston hears a tussle outside, followed by a scream of pain. A ladder breaks the window and men fill the room. The picture falls off the wall, exposing the telescreen, and the house is surrounded by police. One of government thugs smashes the paperweight while others punch Julia and carry her out of the room. Mr. Charrington enters, appearing much younger and emotionally colder, and is clearly in charge of the men surrounding the house. Winston realizes Mr. Charrington is a member of the Thought Police.

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